Following after the makeup session with your makeup artist on your wedding day, don’t forget to pack a bride’s makeup touchup kit to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. This basic emergency kit also includes other essential items that may be necessary or simply safe to have on hand when you need it.

Bride’s Makeup Checklist

• Lipstick and/or clear lipgloss
• Compact powder
• Tissue paper
• Wet wipes
• Adhesive bandage (ie. Band aid or Handiplast)
• Perfume
• Deodorant
• Breath mints
• Straw
• Hollywood tape
• Eye drops for dry eyes
• Safety pins (in different sizes)
• Small scissors
• Cotton buds to soak up unexpected tears at the corners of the eyes
• After wedding overnight bag – eye and face makeup remover, cleansing wash, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, daily skincare and makeup essentials)

Download printable version here

Do remember to bring your nude colored undergarments if you are packing to stay at a hotel the day before your wedding day. You can’t be wearing your hot pink lacies with your white wedding gown now ;p

This is just a basic list of things when you already have a makeup artist to do your wedding makeup. It is of course, not the same list if you are doing your own makeup.

If you think there are other items that should be included into this Bride’s Makeup Checklist, please write to me at and I will include it in.

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