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What is the Procedure of Nano Hair-strand Solution?

A combination of 4 strands of nano hair is secured to a single healthy human hair with a tight knot made at the base of the hair shaft.

The process is repeated on each healthy hair strand until hair coverage and the desired hair volume is achieved. New nano hair wearers will experience an initial tightness on the scalp from the knots.

It will disappear within 1-2 days.

Who Needs NANO HAIR-STRAND Solution?

Find Out if you’re in need of this perfect solution to your hair loss problems!

Nano Hair-strand Solution service benefits men and women who have problems with thinning hair, hair loss, scalp, hair development issues and mothers after postpartum.

It is also for those who wants to achieve fuller voluminous-looking hair.

What is Nano Hair Made of?

Nano Hair-strand Solution is made of fabricated hair using advanced Nano Technology to create a completely natural look.

It is 80% lighter than human hair and replicates up to 99% of real hair.


It might just be perfect for you!

It is definitively faster, easier, cost effective and an alternative solution to hair transplant, visible hair extensions and the heat-trapped wig wearers.

Post Service Hair Care

A touchup service may be required to maintain the full volume look . The service involves pushing the knots back to the scalp to recreate the volume of the hair.

A retouched service can be done every 6 – 8 weeks from the first application of the Nano Hair-strand Solution.

Additionally, more add-ons of nano hair can be applied during this time to give more volume as desired.

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