WHY Nano Hair Solution

Nano Hair-strand Solution is an immediate solution for people who suffer from hair loss, hair growth, hair thinning problems or simply wish to add more volume to their hair. 

NanoTechnology is used to create the nano hair which replicates to 99% likeness in real hair and is 80% lighter so one does not feel any weight wearing the nano hair.

A combination of 4 strands of nano hair is secured to a single healthy human hair with a tight knot made at the base of the hair shaft. The process is repeated on each healthy hair strand until hair coverage and the desired hair volume is achieved.

This solution is best for those who are facing hair loss, hair thinning, hair growth problems, women after postpartum period and for those who simply want to achieve fuller voluminous-looking hair. 

    • It adds more volume to your own hair. 
    • To cover bald spots and areas.
    • You suffer from hair loss.
    • Your hair is thinning.
    • You will regain your self-confidence, self-esteem and overcome your insecurities, and depression.
    • It gives you peace of mind.

If you are undergoing a hair scalp treatment, it is advisable to complete the full course of the treatment to strengthen your own hair strands before securing on the nano hair. If your hair is not healthy or strong enough, both the hair strand and the nano hair will fall out rendering not cost and time effective doing the Nano Hair-strand Solution service in the first place.

Once the nano hair is secured onto the healthy hair strand, it is suggested to continue with the scalp treatment to reinforce and strengthen the hair follicle to keep your own hair strand and the nano hair in place for a longer period of time, and to encourage hair growth.

Nano Hair-strand Solution requires a healthy hair strand to be attached to it. Therefore, it is not possible to apply the nano hair strands to a completely bald person.

It is an instant hair solution to any hair problem. 100% immediate guaranteed results. And it is a safe and organic procedure without the use of chemicals, surgery, pain, or recovery downtime to create a healthy full head of hair.

It is a semi-permanent hair solution that will last for 1-2 years. It will last longer with regular hair treatments.

Made by Kaneka with 70 years of company history using Korean Technology. It is created in Korea, patented in Japan, and distributed currently to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. 

$1.75 per one Nano Hair-strand attachment (one attachment consists of 4 nano hair strands). i.e. 200 attachments of Nano Hair-strand Solution cost $350.

Yes, you can swim with Nano Hair-strand Solution. As with the same way you treat your own hair, use a hair conditioner/ hair mask after hair wash and apply a hair serum or hair oil to the ends of the hair to keep it moisturised.

The four strands of Nano Hair-strand Solution are lighter than your own hair strand. One normal hair strand weighs 0.0003g. One strand of nano hair weighs 0.00006g. One attachment of Nano Hair-strand Solution consists of 4 strands of nano hair – 0.00006 x 4 = 0.00024g which is still lighter than one normal hair strand. This is the advancement of Nano Hair Technology.

Comparisons to Nano Hair-Strand

  • The connection between the real hair and hair extensions are obvious and can be clearly seen. Nano Hair-strand Solution is secured to the base of the hair to hide the visible connection of the fake hair and the real hair. 
  • Hair extensions give length to hair. It does not cover bald spots or empty spaces. Nano Hair-strand Solution focuses on hair coverage and volume. It does not provide additional length of hair.
  • This requires hair to be permanently removed. It leaves empty areas in parts of the hair. Nano Hair-strand Solutions does not require removing any of your original hair. It adds hair onto the sparse areas of the scalp providing the desired hair coverage and volume.
  • Hair transplant does not guarantee that the hair will grow back. Nano Hair-strand Solution is a guaranteed solution and fast remedy to the hair loss problem.
  • Hair transplant is costly. The rate starts from a few thousands dollars. Alternatively, for Nano Hair-strand Solution, you pay for what you need to cover the hair thinning areas. The price starts from only $350.
  • Additional medication and a long recovery period is involved when hair transplant is involved. No drugs need to be taken orally or applied to the scalp for Nano Hair-strand Solution. It will take an hour to a few hours of one Nano Hair-strand Solution session to achieve the desired hair coverage or volume.
  • It could easily be detectable when an individual is wearing a wig. You won’t be able to tell that the hair is fake for Nano Hair-strand Solution. Nano Hair Technology is at an advanced stage where the replaced hair looks so natural that it seamlessly blends in with your own hair. 
  • Those who wear a wig are already comfortable with a thick head of hair look. In order to achieve the same wig look appearance, a substantial amount of Nano hair attachments is required. Be prepared to invest $30k or more. 

After Care

The maintenance for Nano Hair-strand Solution is the same as for normal hair:

    • Apply serum or hair oil to moisturize the ends of hair.
    • No change to daily routine; wash, conditioned and a weekly mask.
    • Regular scalp and hair treatments is advised, as how one would treat their own hair.

You will feel a slight tightness on the base of hair where the knots are secured after the service. This ensures the nano hair is tightly knotted to the individual hair strand. The tightness is not permanent, lasting for one to two days. Apart from that, there is no pain, no need for medications, no recovery downtime. 

Once the nano hair is affixed onto the base of the hair shaft, it cannot be undone. The only way to remove it is to let the hair grow out and trim it off.

      • Normal natural hair cycle will see a person lose about 50-100 hairs daily. This will include the strand with the nano hair attached to it. As there are 4 strands of nano hair attached to your one healthy hair strand, it will look like 5 hair strands have fallen. The other strands with the nano hair may fall too which will perceptively look as if more hair has fallen out. Do not worry and get upset. As long as you are taking care of your hair with a good diet, good lifestyle choices, haircare and regular scalp and hair treatments, your hair maintenance is well under control.
      • Frizziness may occur when using shampoos with high SLS content. Simply apply a hair treatment product and apply heat (an iron styler) at the low heat of 100 degrees to repair the hair. Or change to a moisturizing shampoo.
      • If daily heat styling is necessary, please set the temperature to 180 degrees or below and apply a heat styling product to protect the Nano Hair-strand. The same way as how you would normally protect your own hair.
Nano Hair Strand Solutions

Nano Hair-strand Solution is THE ANSWER to your Hair Thinning Problems