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Great to see Lynn again. It’s been a while that I got the chance to assist her again. The last few times were missed as I had other appointments and got her replacement makeup artists. So fortunate that today we have the chance to see each other again and catch up on what’s going on with our lives. So much to say, so little time.

She had a sweet-looking drop-shoulder knee length dress with so pretty pastel flower shades of blue, pink, purple and green.. You can guess what colours I used for her eyes now 🙂 Well, three of the four colours, that is. Lynn’s skin has always been perfect so slight foundation coverage was enough to give her that natural skin translucency effect. Together with the candy colours on her eyes and a slight pop of pink lipstick to dress up the look, she’s all ready for the formal black-tie event of this month.

As for her hair. Lynn has nice shoulders to bare so I kept the neck area clean and gave her a chic low updo. A slightly messy french braid to say the least. Nothing too complicated as the focus is on her lovely dress.

Time was too early to put on her dress when I left without seeing the full look. Still, I can imagine Lynn’s presence will evoke a quiet sophistication and elegance around her.

The Dinner was for the Chanel Fine Jewellery at Oceanarium at Sentosa. The main aquarium room was transformed into a beautiful dining area. Yums good by Joel Roubouchon.


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