Fionna Makeup for US Vice President Joe Biden

Professional Makeup Artist Singapore Fionnalau Makeup Artist U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Interview joebiden2

Photographer: Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg

I had the privilege to assist the Vice-President of the United States of America, Mr Joe Biden when he was here on a two-day official visit to Singapore in July 2013.

We were gathered in a holding room first. There were federal security guards all around the vicinity. It was almost surreal like in the movies. Huge WWF-sized men in crisp dark suites whispering into their microphone attached to their ears, looking precariously around them for any suspicious activity.

Time had come for me to be escorted to his room, alone. I walked past the men in black.

They were having a serious meeting when we entered and I was quickly shuffled through the room to my makeup station.

He appeared and towered over me. His handshake was warm and re-assuring. Almost like a father figure. Paternal and caring.

He sat down, looked at me and we started the makeup session.

And we started chatting. It was pleasant, comfortable and relaxing.

The makeup session ended too soon as we were whisked off to another part of hotel for the video interview with Bloomberg New Anchor Presenter Haslinda Amin.

Watch the interview here.



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