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” My Mum was keen that I should learn to look after my skin and apply my make up properly, so for my 14th Birthday Party, Fionna came to my house to give me and my friends a comprehensive lesson. Over three hours Fionna patiently taught us all about skin care and how to create a natural day look and a dramatic evening look, while taking into account our ages and our skin tones. This was a hands on lesson, with lots of fun and photos and afterward, all beautifully made up, we went out for dinner. Thank you Fionna for a truly memorable Birthday celebration. ” – Laura T.


Take a Look at Our Corporate Makeup Class in Action

Fionna shows the participants how to apply day and evening makeup using focus points and simple methods of application. Great fun when your colleagues are learning too.


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12 Lessons (36 Hours)

  1. Personal Makeup (1 lesson)
  2. Dinner Makeup (1 lesson)
  3. Fashion Makeup (1 lesson)
  4. Bridal Day (2 lessons)
  5. Bridal Evening (2 lessons)
  6. Male Makeup (1 lesson)
  7. Bridal Makeup for Photography (1 lesson)
  8. Fashion Makeup for Photography (1 lesson)
  9. Your Choice of Look (1 lesson)
  10. Final Review (1 lesson)


Base Application:

  • Flawless Foundation – Liquid, Cream, Powder. Non-cakey complexion
  • Clean Base – Concealing acne, blemish, scars, pigmentation, dark circles

Colour Application:

  • Eyebrow Shape & Design – Shape, Tweeze, Fill-in
  • Eyeshadow Techniques for the Right Occasions
  • False Eyelashes Application
  • Eyelining – Defining the eyes using Pencil/Liquid
  • Blush – Day and Evening Blending Methods
  • Defining Lips, Colour and 3D Effects
  • Face Sculpting. Control Contouring – Highlight and Shading
  • Review Finish Face

Feature Focus:

  • Analyze Face Structures
  • Identify Skin Textures and Tones
  • Appropriate Colour Selections for Different Skin Types
  • Adjusting Skin Shades
  • Addressing Problem Conditions

– All materials and notes will be provided during the lesson.

– New materials are optional to purchase. Product recommendations will be made.

– The lessons are held at your location and are flexible according to our schedules. It could be once a week or up to 3 times a week.



  • There is no certificate given at the end of the course.
  • There will be opportunities to observe and work on real time people makeup during the course, and job opportunities/apprenticeship after the course.

We determine the best makeup looks for you.

This is a 3 hours session.

You’ll get our undivided attention with loads of personal pointers and useful personal secrets.

We’ll identify your basic skincare needs first and we’ll jump straight into:

The Flawless Day Makeup – which includes:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Eyebrow
  • Eyelining
  • Eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Face Contouring
  • Shading
  • Highlighting to Lips

After the first transformation with the “Ohs” and the “Ahs”

Meaning, “Oh, now I understand!” and “Ah, that’s how it’s done!”

We’ll continue with..


The Evening Sultry Makeup.

And about this time here, or if not earlier during the Day Makeup application, you would never have imagined you could have done makeup like this on yourself and be utterly surprised that you’ve come this far as you thought it was impossible because you’ve watched dozens of youtube videos and have repeatedly tried to re-create the look many times over on yourself but it JUST wouldn’t work.. and now it’s achievable.

We end the makeup session with you looking disbelieved in the mirror at your own makeup, done by your own hands. And while you see me to the door and say goodbye, you’ll still be taking triple 2nd glances at your own image at the mirror strategically placed near your main door to catch everyday last looks..

You see hope and become eager as you look forward to doing it on your own again the next day. Too eager perhaps, that once I leave, you pick up the brush and quickly dip into your newly discovered eyeshadow color and start applying onto your eyelids reiterating aloud the steps taught during the lesson.


Your own makeup journey starts here now!

Everything that you need to know for your face shape, skin type and color tone have been addressed. Now you understand how to enhance your natural features and emphasize your own beauty strength.





  • All makeup materials are provided for during the lesson.
  • New materials are optional to purchase.
  • All lessons are held at your place during the weekdays or weekend anytime between 8-4pm.

Specific Feature Focus:

A variety of sessions focus on the specific areas of the face


  • Foundation & Powder Application – How to conceal visible pores and create a flawless complexion with the right foundation and powder products.
  • Eyebrow Design and Shape – Determined which eyebrow shape is most suited for your face shape. Learn the latest Korean eyebrow trend.
  • Eyeshadow – Day: Casual, Midday: Fun, Evening: Formal, Night: Sexy. Your choice of makeup. We’ll customized for you.
  • Blush and Face Contouring – Blending for a natural glow and complementing face features with highlights and shades for a slimmer-looking face, or a fuller-looking face shape.
  • False Eyelashes Application – Apply false eyelashes in 30 secs. Learn to apply these delicate lashes with confidence.

Choose the makeup lesson according to your corporate/group needs.

The lessons can be customized to executive professionals, corporate groups, forefront staff personnels, best friends/colleagues forever pact, and private individuals. The best part of the lesson is that we come to you.

All lessons are conveniently held at your location .i.e. in one of your conference or meeting rooms.


So call 9129 6451 or drop us an email and tell us what you have in mind.



  • Minimum 5 people for attendance.
  • All makeup materials are provided during the lesson.
  • New materials are optional to purchase.
  • All lessons are held at your place during the weekdays or weekends anytime between 8-9pm



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