Personal Makeup Lesson – Elevate Your Beauty Skills with Fionna Lau

Personal Makeup Lesson – Elevate Your Beauty Skills with Fionna Lau

Are you ready to transform your makeup game? Picture this: personalized makeup lessons with a professional makeup artist. Meet our valued client, Yeo Pei Shi, who experienced just that. Let’s delve into her journey and explore how a personal makeup lesson can unlock your beauty potential.

Client Spotlight: Yeo Pei Shi

At Fionna Lau’s Eshop, we believe that makeup is an art, and everyone has the potential to be an artist. Yeo Pei Shi, a makeup enthusiast, shared this belief. She embarked on a makeup journey with us to refine her skills and discover new horizons in beauty.

From Lesson to Confidence

Yeo Pei Shi’s personal makeup lesson was more than just a tutorial; it was an experience. It began with understanding her unique features, skin type, and makeup preferences. This personalized approach allowed us to tailor the lesson to her needs.

The Power of Education

During the lesson, Yeo Pei Shi learned not only how to apply makeup but also why and how specific products work for her skin. We believe that education is the key to confidence, and Yeo Pei Shi left our session not just with makeup skills but with a deeper understanding of skincare too.

Exploring the FMA Eshop

After the lesson, Yeo Pei Shi explored our FMA Eshop, where she discovered an array of makeup and skincare products. Here are some of her favorites:

Skin Transformation

Yeo Pei Shi’s skin transformation was remarkable. By incorporating Travel n Trial items from our Eshop into her skincare routine, she witnessed a noticeable difference in her skin condition. This reinforced the importance of skincare as the foundation of any makeup routine.

Join the Beauty Revolution

Yeo Pei Shi’s journey showcases the power of personal makeup lessons and the transformative potential of makeup and skincare products. Are you ready to embark on your own beauty revolution? Visit our FMA Eshop and explore the products that can elevate your beauty game.

At Fionna Lau’s Eshop, we’re not just selling products; we’re empowering you to be the best version of yourself. We can’t wait to see you there, and remember, your beauty is our canvas, and we’re here to help you paint your masterpiece.


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Eva Velez’s Testimonial –  Mother, Groom, and Aunt Makeup and Hairstyling

Eva Velez’s Testimonial – Mother, Groom, and Aunt Makeup and Hairstyling

In Eva’s own words, “I’m happy that she’s happy.” This simple yet profound statement captures the essence of our mission – to bring joy and satisfaction to our clients through our makeup and hairstyling expertise.

Tailored Beauty

For Eva’s family, we crafted unique and tailored looks that reflected their individual styles and preferences. From the mother’s elegant makeup and hairstyle to the groom’s polished appearance and the aunt’s radiant beauty, our team ensured each look was flawless.

A Rewarding Feeling

The satisfaction of our clients is our greatest achievement. Eva’s happiness is a testament to the fulfilling feeling we experience when our clients leave our chair looking and feeling their best.

Join the Joyful Journey

We invite you to join us on a journey of beauty and joy. Whether it’s makeup and hairstyling for a wedding, a special event, or a transformation to boost your confidence, Fionna Lau’s Eshop is here to create beautiful and unforgettable moments.

The Classy Ponytail – A Minimalistic Indian Wedding Hairdo

The Classy Ponytail – A Minimalistic Indian Wedding Hairdo

Are you an Indian bride-to-be seeking a hairdo that combines minimalist elegance with comfort for your wedding day? Look no further because we have just the solution for you – the classy ponytail.

The High Ponytail Elegance

In the world of bridal hairdos, extravagant styles often steal the spotlight. But sometimes, less is more. The high ponytail is a choice that radiates simplicity and grace, making it an unconventional yet brilliant option for Indian brides.

Minimalist Beauty

The high ponytail is a minimalist masterpiece. It elevates your entire bridal look without overwhelming it. It’s the kind of elegance that speaks volumes through subtlety. If you’re a bride who appreciates the beauty of simplicity, this hairstyle is your perfect match.

Stay Cool, Stay Radiant

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, and the ceremonies can be lengthy. The high ponytail not only adds a touch of class to your appearance but also serves a practical purpose. With your hair neatly pulled up, you’ll stay cool and comfortable throughout the festivities and photoshoots. No more worrying about your hair in the midst of all the wedding excitement!

Explore Our Indian Wedding Hair Services

Ready to embrace the minimalist beauty of the high ponytail for your Indian wedding? Dive into the world of elegance and comfort by exploring our Indian wedding hair services. We’re here to make your bridal journey extraordinary.

Join the High Ponytail Revolution

At Fionna Lau’s Eshop, we believe that beauty should be an expression of your unique style. The high ponytail is a testament to the idea that you can be both classy and comfortable on your special day. So, why not embrace this elegant trend and stay cool as you make timeless memories?

Capturing Precious Moments: John and Deryl’s Wedding Makeup

Capturing Precious Moments: John and Deryl’s Wedding Makeup

In the world of weddings, every moment is a memory waiting to be cherished. John and Deryl’s wedding was no exception, filled with heartwarming emotions and beautiful connections. As the makeup artist for this special occasion, I had the privilege of capturing a few unforgettable moments between the groom and his mother.

A Snapshot of Love: Mother and Son

Before the whirlwind of the wedding ceremony began, there wa

s a quiet moment of reflection. A quick shot was taken, freezing in time the love and bond between a mother and her son. The groom, resplendent in his wedding attire, shared a precious moment with his mother, who radiated elegance and pride.

The Heart-Stirring Entrance

As the anticipation built, all eyes were on the church’s entrance, waiting for the arrival of the bride. It was a moment charged with emotion and excitement. And then, it happened – the doors opened, and the bride, a vision of beauty, made her grand entrance. The groom’s reaction was priceless, a mix of joy, awe, and pure love. It was a moment that spoke volumes, capturing the essence of their love story.

A Grateful Note

As the makeup artist for this significant day, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to John, Deryl, and their families for entrusting me with their beauty needs. It was an honor to be part of this momentous occasion and to witness the love and emotions that filled the day.

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Moments of Love and Connection

John and Deryl’s wedding was a beautiful testament to the power of love and connection. It’s a reminder that amidst the grandeur of weddings, it’s the small, heartfelt moments that truly matter. As a makeup artist, I’m not just here to enhance beauty but to capture the essence of these special moments.

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