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It all began when she was 4 years old and her 6-year old brother snagged their mum's black khol eyeliner. In-between hushes, stifled giggles and fumbling fingers, they drew moustaches, beards, deep wrinkles, scars and grime all over themselves. Cloaked with granny's heavy blankets, and clutching a broken striped umbrella and their grandfather's encrafted walking stick, they were dirty, sad and gloomy hunchback beggars wailing and wandering the streets for sympathy coins (actually from room to room). Hilarious memorable times!

And since then, Professional Makeup Artist Fionna Lau from Singapore has ventured on and has done prints, television, video, countless fashion magazines, commercials and beautiful weddings. Watch her work her makeup skills on photo and tv shoots. She also gives personal coaching and group makeup lessons at your house or office.

She believes in "less is more" philosophy in beauty and style. She skilfully delivers a flawless base coverage to your complexion, taking care to conceal all spots and pimple scars, and with the use of natural colours, brings out the beautiful features of your face. Nonetheless, she can still eloquently transform natural beauty makeup into dramatically enhanced sexy eyes and lustrously gleaming pouty lips... the ultimate smokey makeover!!

For more than 15 years, she has derived her drive and passion from providing many women with the opportunity to look as beautiful as they can be. The numerous remarks of "Thank You for the Beautiful Makeup!" gives her the satisfaction and fuilfilment which adds joy to her career.

So call her now to book your appointment. She will have you look your best!
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