Friday, 02 November 2012

Stay Looking Young Always

Beauty is best when natural. Healthy skin comes from a well balanced diet, exercise and sleep. Eating right, easy to do stretching exercises and adequate rest and sleep will give you the lovely skin you'd always wanted.

Here are some natural remedies to achieve that radiance glow and beautiful skin. You can choose to eat, drink as juice or apply it directly to your face as a facial scrub or mask. And you can find these simple items in your garden! (well, let's say you grow some of these lovely veggies and fruits at your own backyard ;p ).

Watermelon and/or Cucumber - you can use this vegetable as an eye and face mask. It soothes down inflamed and flushed skin and hydates oily skin. Cucumber has a whitening effect which brightens skin tones. Cucumber juice may be mixed with mineral water and can be used as a spritz toner.

Oranges and/or Tomatoes - for smoother skin and a radiant glow. Tomatoes not only combats heart diseases and cancer, it acts as a mild sunscreen against powerful sunrays. Vit C in oranges supplies collagen to skin which makes up the elasticity and youth prolonging factors in anti-ageing.

Banana and/or Yoghurt - using this as a face mask injects more nutrients into the epidermis and creates a moisturing effect for matured drier skins.

Eggs - Use the egg white as a mask for oily skin problems, and the egg yolk for dry skin textures, or both together for normal and combination skin types (and let's say you rear a chicken in your backyard too :p)

* Extra Tip - Olive oil is a multi-purposeful product - Apply it on any part of the skin besides your face e.g heels, ankles, elbows, etc.., will smoothen, soften and moisturises rough and eczema skin issues.
- Rub it on the hair will encourage healthy and glossy hair.
- Drink a shot of it will boost your body's immune system.

So combined this with 8-10 glasses of water and/or juices daily to hydrate the system, have the proper 8 hours sleep (compensate the hours if you can't get the 8 hours straight), 5-10 mins of stretching exercises 6 times a day (by breaking up the timings into portions, the workout seems more doable because that's actually a total of 60 mins of exercise, isn't it!), you'd be looking and feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day!

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