Monday, 26 April 2011

Multi-purpose Makeup

How about some great cheats on a single product with multi-purpose and multi-tasking attributes? Here are some products that does quick fixes in a jiffy..

Concealer - Not only does this trusy concealer conceals dark eye circles, spots, blemishes, redness and zits, it can be used as a highlighter to bring focus and couture shine to facial features, and also becomes a foundation when mixed with some moisturiser.

Brown Eyeshadow – Besides using it as an eyeshadow color, this staple makeup product can be used as an eyeliner and a eyebrow color. Firstly, dab some eyeshadow in the crease for color, secondly using a small brush to line the upper and lower eyelids with the eyeshadow to define the eyes, and thirdly lightly shade onto your eyebrows as a eyebrow color to frame the face.

Tinted Lip Balm - This handy product amazingly has quite a number of multiple uses. The coloured lip balm moisturise dry lips, gives a hint of lip(stick) color and produces an effective glossy effect similar to a lipgloss. Add a 4th step into the equation – rub some balm on your cheeks and it becomes a blush color too!

Here's to finding new ways on being creative with makeup :-)

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